Welcome to You Can Leave your Hat On in Oregon City

 You Can Leave Your Hat On is the brainchild of Sandra Gillman. After working as a criminal defense investigator/mitigation specialist for twenty-four years, Sandra retired and opened her hat shop in July of 2011.

For the last ten years of her career Sandra worked mostly on Death Penalty cases. It was a very stressful job involving a lot of travel and spending many hours at correctional facilities with her clients. After her final client received the death penalty Sandra decided it was time to retire.

Sandra and her husband, Kim (a retired State Trooper), traveled the world for the last ten years on Regent Seven Seas Cruise line. During her travels to exotic lands such as Istanbul, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Italy, France, Tokyo (to name a few) Sandra discovered a love of hats and fine accessories. Her ability as an investigator to find unique and interesting things has led her on the journey to collect many beautiful items from various other countries. This skill has allowed Sandra to discover unique hats for both men and woman as well as fascinators, scarves, jewelry, handbags, umbrellas, fans and many other items that fill her store.

Sandra daily searches the globe for new items as the inventory in You Can Leave your Hat On grows. Note you can only find specialty hats such as Arturo Rios throughout all of Oregon and Washington in Sandra’s shop. She also carries other brands such as Betmar, Swan, Something Special, Grace, Courtier, Magid, Adora, and Kathie Jeanne among others.

The store is an upbeat place where music plays and fresh local chocolates are sold (it’s a feel good place). Gillman also gives customers the luxury of service with a smile. “When someone enters my store I treat them like family, inviting them into my shop, offering they try on hats, ask questions and have a fun time.”

Gillman also teaches customer’s how to wear hats. She also has a booklet filled with famous hat quotes to give her shoppers the confidence they may need to put on their first hat.

“Last week one of my customers looked up and saw a hat and asked for me to get it down for her. When I did she actually had tears in her eyes and said ‘I have not felt this pretty since I was 20-years old.’ She left the store wearing the hat.”

You Can Leave Your Hat On is located at 212 7th Street at the base of the Oregon City Municipal Elevator in Downtown Oregon City. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11:00am – 7:00pm, Sunday Noon to 4:00pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday but available upon request. If parking is limited near her shop remember there is parking at the top of the hill.

1 Response to Welcome to You Can Leave your Hat On in Oregon City

  1. Helen Fricke says:

    Ive been to other shops yours is the best Id like the shoulder bag, a necklace, a panama hat…they just make smile …to hope for….as knowing for over a year you a lady dear to me ..helven

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